There’s a new assistant in town, meet Polaris.

The Danish Technological Institute and Polaris

The Danish Technological Institute has existed as a Research and Technology Organization for more than 112 years, with the primary goal of facilitating the newest knowledge and technology to the Danish industry. DTI provides numerous services within diverse fields among others material sciences, energy and climate, digital transformation and robotics. Our Center for Robot Technology presently employs more than 45 full-time employees dedicated to providing services within robot technology.

The robot developed in the Kugle project features a novel ball-base which has not previously been fully commercialized. The ball-base allows the robot to move in a highly flexible manner, but the novelty also entails that extra care needs to be put into the design process for providing a robot that is safe when operating in crowded spaces, to ensure that no harm is caused on persons, animals or property.

DTI has extensive experience in providing safety recommendations for robot design, integration, and use - an experience that we will rely on throughout the Kugle project in order to oversee all safety considerations, including risk analysis, safety design, safety tests, and so on. Through this, we ensure that the final robot will be safe, certifiable and meets all relevant standards.

The safety work of DTI will link the technical contributions for all aspects of the developed robot, including low-level operational hardware safety, safety influences of high-level software applications, as well as the safety of communication between all intermediate levels.  To accommodate the novelty of the Kugle robot, DTI will draw on both our experience in safety assessment of traditional robot installations, as well as our insight in emerging approaches for safety assesment of modern safety critical systems.

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