There’s a new assistant in town, meet Polaris.

Combine and Polaris

Combine is a digital consulting and development agency specialized in complex web and mobile solutions and user experience. We are experts in digital business development and development of ambitious digital solutions. One of our focusses is delivering digital solutions that solves both the business’ and users’ problems. With our insight into complex, flexible, and integrated solutions, we focus on the good user experience, and with our experience from previous airport wayfinding projects, we see our role in the Polaris project as clear.

Thus, in the Polaris project, we are responsible for various tasks in the fields of UX, app development, marketing, and project management.

Our UX-team focusses on the conceptual development of Polaris and exploring the various use cases. Our UX-team is considering which scenarios Polaris can be incorporated in, which roles it can play, how it can create value for the companies, and which problems it can solve for the users. Currently, we are investigating how to simulate a personality and which personality traits are appropriate for the robot, in the given context and role of Polaris. We are also working on the design of the app, and later on we will be testing and improving the usability of Polaris.

Combine is also responsible for developing the application that users will be interacting with when they meet Polaris. Even though it is “just an app on a tablet”, it will be an integral part of the robot, and the main channel for communication between the robot and the user. We use an API to send commands from the tablet to the control unit of the robot, through the cloud. This makes it possible to translate the user’s inquiries into commands that can be used to control the robot and help the users.

Our marketing-team is working on the branding of the project and managing all the external communication. We are using various communication channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and this blog, to reach the people who are interested in news and updates about the project.

Additionally, we are using out competencies in project management to organize and manage the development of the project. Our extensive experience with large technical projects comes in good use when managing the communication and planning the project with all its different stakeholders.